HOUSE TO HOUSE – Have you stained your favorite shirt and do you already think it is definitely ruined? Don't worry, there are impossible stains.

Our miraculous pre-treatment that cleans everything without damaging the fabrics, because it is energetic and effective thanks to the mix of enzymes and vegetable soap.

With its practical brush, you can gently rub the stains making the product enter deeply, defeating even the worst incrustations.


HOUSE TO HOUSE – Impossible Stains is rich in active enzymes and vegetable soap, for this reason it is an effective pre-treatment already at low temperatures and on encrusted stains: just follow the instructions to transform a stain into a memory.

Impossible spots is ideal for oily spots (butter, oil, gravy, make-up, lipstick, ink, etc.) and enzymatic spots (blood, eggs, milk, yogurt, chocolate, ice cream, starch, grass, etc.).

Pour a few drops of Impossible Stains directly onto the dirt, even the most encrusted, and rub gently with the cap brush to penetrate the product deeply. HOUSE TO HOUSE: Wait about ten minutes and then wash them as usual, taking care not to let the product dry on the fabric.