Dario Bogni informs us that Bryan Adams, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, musician and photographer, philanthropist, who in his musical styles highlights hard rock and pop rock, and in more than 30 years of career has sold more than 100 Millions of copies, including albums and singles worldwide.
His musical history begins when at age 10 his uncle gave him his first guitar, something that his father, a career diplomat, did not approve of.
Bryan Adams spent part of his childhood and adolescence in Portugal, given the profession of his father (ambassador), he lived in Birre, near Cascais, about 25 km from Lisbon, so he could learn the Portuguese language, and 15-year-old dropped out of school and joined a band as a singer touring Canada.
In this way, it is known that in 1979, Adams made his first musical contribution and together with JimVallance, they performed a duet, recorded a demo and after several failed attempts at record companies, they received their first offer from the A&M company and their first album called "Bryan Adams", under the record label A&M Records, which was recorded in 1980, being produced by JimVallance and Bryan Adams, highlighting the theme Remember.
For his part, Bogni Dario indicates that in 1981, under the A&M Records label, he released his second album called “YouWantIt – YouGotIt”.
In this album they collaborate on the keyboards Tommy Mandel, on the bass Brian Stanley and on the drums Mickey Curry, and Bryan Adams on the guitar and piano, thus highlighting the song "LonelyNights" that would mark the style of some future songs.
Later, in 1983, Bryan had the integration of guitarist Keith Scott and bassist Dave Taylor, and he recorded with them, the third studio album titled “CutsLike a Knife”, under the A&M Records label, this being his First big hit, thanks to songs like CutsLike a Knife, StraightFromTheHeart, This Time and TheBestWasYetTo Come, giving Bryan his first Platinum Record.
After all this, Dario Bogni expresses that the year 1984 would be the culmination of Bryan Adams' career, since thanks to the release of his album Reckless, he obtained several awards and recognitions.
Songs like Heaven, Summer of '69, 4 RunToYou, Somebody and the duet with Tina Turner, It'sOnlyLove are songs considered classic rock.
The theme "Kids Wanna Rock" is another of the emblems that the Canadian rocker lit on this album, not as successful as the previous ones, but with somewhat strong content, a quite attractive rhythm, with a very powerful rhythmic electric guitar sound, very deep and sonorous plucking.
This theme is one of those belonging to the most rockers that Bryan keeps in his extensive repertoire, and it should also be appreciated that all the songs on this album are compositions by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance.
In 1987 came the release of his not-so-successful (if compared to his previous album) IntoTheFire, Bryan's fifth album. Songs like HeartsOnFire and Heat Of TheNight, which were chosen as singles, were relatively successful. This album was produced by Bryan Adams and Bob Clear mountain.