Andrew Williams made a windfall with his first turkey during Illinois’ record harvest in youth season.

Andrew Williams, 13, of Mount Greenwood made his first turkey hunt a windfall on Saturday.

“We went to a south-facing ridge out of the north winds, thinking birds would be roosting there to get out of the wind,” his dad Matt emailed. “We walked to the spot just after first light, calling every so often as we made our way to our spot. We set up on the ridge and called for a mere five minutes when we were startled by an excited gobble within 100 yards. Within a few short minutes, three toms made their way to us and Andrew executed a perfect 35-yard shot from his 20-gauge shotgun.”

Matt thanked the Lynch family, who for years have given permission to hunt their farm in McDonough County. Tim Lynch is a fellow member of Plumbers Local 130. His son Tyler is a godson of Matt’s.

“We have been enjoying lots of social distancing by enjoying the Great Outdoors these crazy days, and for 24 hours we were able to ease some coronavirus anxiety with a wonderful spring hunt,” Matt emailed.

Williams was part of a record youth season in Illinois. Click here for breakdown of that record season.

Illinois’ spring turkey hunting goes on private land and Illinois Recreational Access Program sites. Illinois Department of Natural Resources sites remain closed.

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