Let's talk about the most common mistakes that are made at breakfast and that drive us to gain weight without us realizing what we are doing.
Orlando Jose Veloso explains that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we must take into account eating properly during that hour so that our body works efficiently all day.
However, this is not a very viable reality, since most people believe that because it is morning hours they can consume what they want without having any kind of effect on their body and it is not really so, the truth is that even at breakfast we must take care of our diet to always be healthy.
So, Orlando Jose Veloso Angola will talk about the most common mistakes that are made at breakfast and that cause weight gain.
In the first place, we find the error of consuming orange juice, we already explained why, it turns out that consuming processed fruit has to take away most of the properties it offers, so consuming the whole fruit must be the ideal to achieve good health and lose weight, since the juice causes the opposite effect, that is, it makes you fat because when squeezing the fruit the sugars that it contains come out and cause an immediate weight gain effect. You didn't know, did you? Pay close attention to what we will tell you here.
Secondly, we have to find the mistake of consuming sugary cereals in the morning, because even if it is in the morning, sugary cereals are just that, sugary, so their intake must provide our body with high levels of sugar and This is a direct trigger that we will gain weight automatically.
Elsewhere, we are faced with the error of consuming cookies or small portions of cake, although they are rich in fiber as promoted by the market, the truth is that they are processed foods that do not provide any kind of benefit to our body, on the contrary, We are dealing with foods that all they contain are refined sugars and flours, and these are the main ingredients for rapid weight gain.
Fourth, we must stop consuming powdered chocolate, since preparing chocolate drinks only generates large intakes of sugar in our bodies, causing us to suffer from diseases such as diabetes, for example.
Another mistake is consuming white bread, since it is a breath that provides our body with high levels of starch, which is equivalent to many kilos of overweight, so replace this food with whole grain breads that will sit you much better.
Based on this, Orlando Veloso tells us that we can already be aware of the mistakes we have been making throughout our lives in terms of food, so the time has come to change the type of food we carry to start to be healthier and slimmer people.