Tim Barrett and Missy caught a big steelhead and BoRabb Williams caught some 3-pound crappie in Mississippi to double up on Fish of the Week.

So slap me, I like big fish, dogs and doubles on FOTW.

BoRabb Williams caught some 3-pound crappies last week on Grenada Lake, Mississippi.

“Check us out in the Land of the Giants,” Williams messaged. “I’m in crappie HEAVEN.”

Closer to home, Tim Barrett caught a 26-inch steelhead hen March 5 from an Indiana creek on a No. 10 jig with a spawn bag. He fishes with Missy, aka, “The Goose.”

“Goose has been steelhead fishing for 10 years and is 11 years old,’’ Barrett emailed. “She runs to water when `fish on’ is called out and loves to lick every fish.’’

Tim Barrett and Goose with an Indiana stream steelhead.Provided

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