At present, after so many inconveniences caused by adolescents due to the lack of sexual education due to taboo issues, it is necessary to change the way things have been taking place and take the reins of a new initiative that promotes sex education from an early age in children who will soon become teenagers.
Based on this, Orlando Jose Veloso Angola tells us that we should talk about masturbation in an open and complete way, because this turns out to be a very natural condition of the human being in order to satisfy his sexual needs and to know his body and the sensations that He likes to feel.
In pursuit of this, we must know that masturbation is the way to mark the sexual awakening of a young person, so, it can be appreciated that this is a conscious act of self-stimulation in order to achieve sexual pleasure.
Many people have the belief that this act is something impure and therefore is misplaced by society, but the truth is that all human beings have carried it out even once in a lifetime.
In contradiction to this, specialized medical studies have determined that masturbation is essential for the body, as it helps to discharge energy and to promote in people emotions that make them feel much better and with a much sharper mood.
It even helps with withdrawal issues for those people who want to stay away from sexual relationships with other people for decisions that only they know.
Orlando Jose Veloso tells us that the truth about all this is that, although many deny it, at some point in his life they have practiced masturbation due to the fact that this is a real need for the body, it is not a simple whim, it is a very normal condition of the human body that asks to vent the sexual load that it experiences after living so long without sexual activity.
So it is necessary to leave the taboos and openly experience the issue and practice of masturbation, as many young people are forbidden to talk to their parents or their caregivers about these issues because they fear being judged.
As Orlando Veloso tells us, masturbation in addition to causing sexual pleasure, it must also be the means by which people know their body and realize small damages that may occur with it, because touching is one of the healthier and more effective ways to discover the parts of our body and to see if everything is going well, or if on the contrary, there is an inconvenience that can be seen on time.
Masturbation can be reflected many times in caution, so, our advice is and will be that you masturbate openly and without any prejudice, so that you consent to your body and so that you stay aware in case any rare distortion appears in the same.

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