Drinking water is one of the main topics to be addressed in terms of the health criteria of humanity, and that is that there are thousands of diseases caused by water pollution and its supply by people who do not have the power to have water in health conditions.
Orlando Jose Veloso Angola, tells us that drinking water is one that reaches people through a system that has been created to treat it and is totally healthy for human consumption.
This has been created in order to meet the great need of humanity to consume large amounts of water to maintain its body and its existence, because this is the liquid that provides the body with life and health without much protocol, a body without this vital liquid will suffer from malnutrition and dehydration and this will directly imply the arrival of death.
But it is also true, that consuming water in inadequate conditions must cause the person strong diseases that will alter the functions of his body and that often involve the termination of these diseases in death of the person by the appearance of terrible bacteria that have come in the intake of contaminated water.
Human beings are so careless at times, that we do not realize the terrible damage that we cause to our body, and we think that the theme of the guide is only one of the other ideas that professionals are trained to generate money, but Not so, consuming untreated water immediately means consuming a series of microbes and bacteria that can cause severe damage to the body, from cancers to skin contamination and loss of it due to bacteria that were found in the water and they have reached the body for lack of caution.
For this reason, Orlando Jose Veloso reminds us that in many countries there are great problems with respect to the proportion of water in people, because in addition to being a scarce mineral in some places, the adequate system is also lacking to achieve adequate cleaning of the Same for consumption.
The fact that a country focuses attention on providing drinking water to its population, is synonymous with a completely healthy crowd where problems such as diarrhea, nausea, bacteria, microbes and all those things that greatly affect the body must disappear.
Drinking water is life, and Orlando Veloso makes us reflect on the fact that if we consume water that is not properly treated, then we will be prone to suffer from diseases that cause us intoxication and with it, until the arrival of death in many cases due to the strong diseases that its contamination can cause in the body.
Drinking water is indispensable for the maintenance of humanity, since they are water, there would be no life on earth.

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