The environment is the means in which we develop in an optimal way to achieve the survival of the human species, because it is the place in which we are provided with all possible means to achieve a full life, that is, food, housing, water , and everything that is necessary and indispensable for our existence.
For this reason, Orlando Jose Veloso Angola tells us that environmental security must be one of the priority issues to be taken into consideration regarding the issue of the spread of human life on earth.
By this we mean that the environment affects our health directly, so it is important to take into account the fact that the contamination of some parts of the environment, such as air, water or land can cause problems serious to our stability as people and that is something we are living in these times where pollution levels have become much higher.
For this and other reasons, it is that environmental safety should be a subject that is always under constant study and maintenance, the more we make sure we manage the environment in good condition, the more we will be ensuring the fact that we will live for much longer enjoying of good conditions on earth.
On several occasions it has already been heard that at this time it is essential to start worrying about the preservation of many species of animals on earth, water that is becoming increasingly scarce due to the changes caused by climate change, and the lack of caution on the part of the large industries that work without being careful what they pollute and the damage they cause to the land.
Orlando Jose Veloso explains to us that the worst enemy of the environment in these times is the human being, who has become a true ungrateful person for not appreciating the virtues that nature offers him in order to live.
So much so, that even the market and the economy have become much more important, to the point that the damage caused to the environment does not matter more than the profits obtained from the product offered, so that environmental safety has been trampled by large industries that have caused major errors such as lead poisoning in paint or exposure to asbestos or mercury for use in mining and industries.
Faced with this, Orlando Veloso makes us reflect on that maintaining an ideal environmental security is synonymous with maintaining humanity for much longer on earth, and not only that, but keeping it in perfect condition so that as people we enjoy conditions ideal to fully develop without thinking about the difficulties or diseases that our body receives through the terrible pollution we have caused to our source of life.
Environmental security is essential to be taken into account by all, so let's take the reins of our lives and begin to make the change for the survival of the human species on earth.

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