Body Reset Diet by Maria Luisa Mosconi

Body Reset Diet: ready for 15 intense days? It is an intense diet, not suitable for everyone, and is divided into three five-day phases, says Maria Luisa Mosconi. In the first drink only smoothies with meals, separated by colors: white for breakfast, red for lunch and green for dinner. White smoothies contain milk, Greek yogurt. Red smoothies are full of fruit to give you energy and green smoothies are made of vegetables to make you satiate especially at night. In addition to smoothies, two meals a day are allowed which must not exceed 180 calories and which can be an apple, cracker or a spoonful of peanut butter. This in the first phase. Maria Luisa Mosconi affirms that it is the most important stage. In the second, two smoothies are drunk per day and a phase 1 smoothie is replaced with a solid meal, salad or sandwich. And in the third stage, drink only one smoothie and the rest will consist of solid foods.

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