A decade after company created Blago shampoo, conditioner, they’re still on tap

If former Gov. Rod Blagojevich is looking for a post-prison job, he might want to call the makers of Blago shampoo and conditioner.

“Maybe this could be some income for him, if he wants to endorse it and be a spokesman,” said Dennis Fath, founder of Delta Laboratories Inc., an Elk Grove Village manufacturer of fragrance, skin and hair care products.

Recognizing a marketing gimmick and Blagojevich’s helmet of hair, Fath created the volumizing shampoo and conditioner in 2009, around the time Blagojevich was indicted on corruption charges. He stamped the gold-and-black bottles with “It’s Bleep’n Golden!”

That slogan’s from the infamous wiretap of Blagojevich describing Barack Obama’s “[Bleepin’ golden]” vacant U.S. Senate seat. Federal prosecutors said he wanted to trade on it for financial or other benefits.

According to a company website, Blago shampoo and conditioner are made with “truly bleep’n golden” ingredients that “actually make the hair feel fuller and thicker, or ‘really big!’ ”

When Fath rolled the Blago products out, Delta Laboratories sometimes sold hundreds of bottles a day. It still gets a few orders a year. The company shipped cartons to Korea and posted client endorsements from as far away as Japan.

“Only two uses,” wrote one Pennsylvania customer, “and I’m already feeling scandalous!”

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