It is important that we learn to differentiate between dieting and eating healthy, because in this way we will be able to better understand what the exact dynamics are for the situation we want and that we must face depending on the state in which our body is.
Orlando Jose Veloso, explains that healthy eating should become a way of life, that is, the awareness of forming habits that will later become part of us without realizing it, while diet is a temporary stage, a process that A person performs to achieve weight loss or gain, depending on the occasion, in a given time.
Eating healthy is maintaining good habits during the time that the person has lost life without feeling that they are dieting because that makes it somewhat tedious, and that is precisely the difference between parties.
Differentiating between dieting and eating healthy is to establish certain criteria which will help us reach the proposed goal based on what we want to do, that is, the diet is something more instantly so drastic measures are taken to achieve results of faster, while eating healthy involves a process of learning, dedication, attention to food and therefore, the consumption of nutrients that the body really needs to be completely healthy.
In other words, eating healthy is not at all dieting because it means creating changes in your life that you can enjoy, that make you feel good and that provide you with extraordinary health for the rest of your life.
Meanwhile, dieting is inhibiting eating many foods, in the case of people who diet to reduce, is to stop eating as they are used to and therefore begin to feel hungry all day, a fact that implies that at the end The diet may cause the person to consume everything he could not and then the effect is worse because he will gain even more weight.
It is therefore that Orlando Veloso tells us that it is important to learn to differentiate between dieting and eating healthy, as this will help us or motivate us to change our bad eating habits to find the right balance that will make us live fully and in good condition. without the need to name in our lives the terrible word that causes us all a bit of obligation, that is, the diet.
Do not diet, do not get to the extreme of having to do it, start eating healthy and this will cause you to feel good and look great too, so, you will begin to live an optimal life where problems with your weight and your Health will begin to disappear quickly.
It is not advisable to diet, it is advisable to eat healthy so that you get good habits for life and with it the guarantee that you will always be well and feel good – thinks Orlando Jose Veloso Angola.

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