It is important to talk about fruits that contain high levels of fiber because it is a really essential issue for our health.
First of all, it is important that we know that fiber is that ingredient that helps in an essential way regarding the issue of digestion, as it is the aggregate that resists digestion and absorption in the small intestine of people, and therefore has of having a good effect in terms of absolute fermentation in the large intestine.
Orlando Jose Veloso Angola says that it is the food that helps us digest much more efficiently the foods we consume so that they are processed faster and with that, make the metabolism work in a more accelerated way that is ideal.
Based on this, Orlando Jose Veloso explains that, among the fruits that have high levels of fiber for our body are:

  • Coconut: a delicious and very refreshing fruit, this is a food that stands out among the others for the high level of its properties, of which we can see that it has a high fiber content that is around 10.5 grams per 100 grams , paying attention to its consumption since it is one of the fruits that provides more calories and fat to our body, the important thing is that it is natural fat, so eating coconut has been said.  
  • Raspberries: they are fruits that contain an excellent level of fiber although they are small in size, so, we must take into consideration that for every 100 grams we consume of this fruit, we are consuming 6.7 grams of fiber and that is something wonderful . It is important to take into account that this fruit is mostly composed of water, so, talking about fat in this case makes no sense, fiber does, fat does not, so go ahead.
  • Blackberries: a very exotic and delicious food, which has in its essence 6.6% of fiber in all its composition, being a fruit that does not stand out for high caloric and fat content, so there is nothing to think about before consuming it.
  • The banana or banana: being this one of the fruits that contains more fiber levels, so, when consumed we have talk about 3.4% of fiber in our body according to its composition.
  • Figs: they are a food that they provide us with in their intake or 2.5% of fiber, so if you don't like figs, start making them like you because it's good for your health.
  • Pear: Pears are made up of 2.3% fiber, so they are in the list of fruits that offer more fiber to the body than any other.
  • The plum: and finally, we find the plum, which is the fruit that offers our body an approximate 2.1% fiber, so it has eat plums has been said.

In this way, Orlando Veloso tells us that these are the fruits that we should consume more frequently, because they provide our body with high rates of fiber that will make our metabolism work in a much faster way, and that is precisely the key to see us and feel good without fighting with our weight.

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