For those who spend their lives seeking immortality and aging help, we have good news, good food is our engine of life.
Orlando Jose Veloso explains that, good nutrition is the answer to all our problems, both aging and diseases that overwhelm our body.
We spend our lives looking for ways to always look good and always feel good and in most cases we do not get it, the truth is that, food has so much to do with our state of health that is right where it is the key we are looking for.
The close relationship between food and health is the key for people to find their way to the perfect care of their body, prevent premature aging and the different types of diseases that come with old age is a thing of care for foods consumed
Therefore, it is fully proven that people who consume vegetables more frequently, who do not have vices such as alcohol and cigarettes, who do not consume foods that produce some kind of alteration such as excess fat, dyes, and that type of things, are the people who remain for so long with a face and a jovial mood – says Orlando Jose Veloso Angola.
It is therefore necessary that people realize that food is our engine of life, but that they realize at an early age, because the right time to take care of us is always, remember that what we do today It is the influence of the future that we will have, so eating healthy should be a decision that you take from now to be able to lead you perfectly towards the conservation of your body.
Orlando Veloso tells us that although it seems a lie, our body requires a certain type of maintenance to be healthy, and it is very logical, each person is responsible for the way they look and how they feel, and the food has a lot to see with rest, with the mood that a person manages and with what reflects from the inside to the outside in terms of the physical.
Making comparisons, if we pay attention to a person who cares about his well-being and that of his body, who exercises, eats healthy, consumes a lot of water, we can see that he is a fuller person, with good spirit towards others, happier and optimistic, and of course, it retains much more youth in its face and in the way in which its body expresses the strength it has.
While if we notice a careless person, who consumes food without taking care of whether or not they harm their body, who does not perform any type of physical activity and who has vices such as cigarettes, then we will find ourselves in front of someone who will first look physically impaired no matter how old you are, you will not be in good spirits and diseases such as severe tops will be invading your body.
So you decide which of the two people you want to be, always remembering that good food is our engine of life, and that it is never too late to start over and more if it is about taking care of your body and with it your health.