The changes are good, and in this case, the changes in the food are even better, if you decide to change your diet for the better, then you will begin to experience new things, and with it a different lifestyle that will provide you with much more emotion and satisfaction .
You should always ask yourself the question of whether eating as you usually do, you feel bad, or if on the contrary you know that you are doing the right thing and you feel great.
If the answer to the question is the first option and everything you eat gives you regret later, it is because something is not right, and it is precisely there where you should point to the idea of ​​creating changes in your life, in this case, in your daily feeding routine.
Orlando Jose Veloso tells us that the changes are good, really magnificent, start worrying about eating healthy and immediately notice the improvement you will feel, you will feel much happier and optimistic when you notice that now when you eat healthy you don't feel bad afterwards, You don't feel any guilt and everything is going perfectly.
The change in food will give you a general change, that is, that you will begin to feel much more confident about yourself because you have seen yourself in the mirror and now you are much better physically, it immediately implies a change in the level of self-esteem which will rise like the foam, and depending on all this, then your mood and the mood with which you appear before people will also begin to change and they will notice it immediately.
You will feel much happier, motivated, optimistic, capable of doing anything and conquering anything, although many do not believe so, it turns out that food has a lot to do with the mood of people with the ability they have to to fully realize their lives – says Orlando Jose Veloso Angola.
It is scientifically proven that people who eat poorly suffer from depression, low self-esteem, sadness, outrage, and that is, the body does not enjoy the nutrients it really needs, so it is these people who consume food by eating them , simply to fill a void, they do not think that they want to give benefits to the body and much less, thinking of giving life to their own body.
 It is therefore, that Orlando Veloso, implies that it is better to discover the way in which to make nutritional changes that make us feel satisfied in every way, because this will bring us an exciting adventure in which we will embark on a trip for the fulfillment of a goal, which is to see and feel much better.
Let's make changes in our diet and start eating the world, we lose nothing with trying and yes we have to win when we notice the joys that this change has brought to our lives.
So remember, the changes are good, and even more, when they are destined to change based on our diet.