In its construction, the hotel has created the construction of an excellent nightlife which will make you not want to wake up from this fun dream. In this sense, we have to take a walk through the bars that the hotel has, which have been designed with different themes to satisfy different tastes.

First of all, we find the “Moon Lounge” bar, which is a sophisticated lounge that has a touch of mystery in its essence, which has a variety of pop-style music in its selection, in addition to having a large selection of drinks the most recognized brands, presentation of DJs live twice a week and an incredible view from all angles of the bar.

Then we have the "Sun Bar", which has been designed to provide visitors with an environment conducive to fun, with pool tables, a range of refreshing cocktails, the famous karaoke, and a photo booth. The bar is located in the hotel lobby.

With an excellent view of the main terrace, within its main attractions, is a British-style telephone booth that gives the bar that air similar to a Tavern.

The "Eclipse Terrace", has been created to hang out enjoying the sunsets and an excellent view of the moon, since its style presents that of a beach house with a view and outdoor atmosphere. On the other hand, we find the “Zen Lounge” decorated in the oriental style, this bar presents an excellent atmosphere ideal to relax and enjoy as a couple, with the opportunity to enjoy an excellent cocktail while waiting for the table reserved in the Zen restaurant.

We also find the “Must Sweet and Coffee” bar, which is a suitable bar to hang out and give free rein to your cravings, since it offers a range of desserts that will be irresistible, located at the end of the hotel Boulevard, it is One of the best options to delight a delicious coffee and in addition to that, to enjoy a view that overlooks the beautiful sunset, or to the limousine of some renowned artist.

And finally we have the "Sports Book" which has been created to enjoy your favorite sports games, if you want to meet with your friends and create an environment in which you feel the excitement of the sport, this bar is the one to enjoy a delicious drink while watching the game of your choice on the bar screens.

In this way, we can see that the prestige and luxury of the hotel is one of its best strengths, come and enjoy one of the most rewarding and amazing nightlife.

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