Hard Rock Café, is the name of the famous restaurant chain that was founded in 1971 in London by Isaac Tigrett and Peter Morton, with the aim of creating an experience where the pure atmosphere of the history and theme of the rock. It all starts when one of his frequent clients, nothing more and nothing less than Erick Clapton, asked the administrators to place his Fender guitar right in the place where he used to sit, from there began the dynamic of decorating the establishment with instruments and objects of those celebrities who frequented the place.

Therefore, some of the valuable objects that are decorating the 157 branches that Hard Rock has have been donated by the music stars themselves, as well as the work of buying some others to complete the collection.

It should be noted that among his most valuable objects are the glasses of John Lennon, the famous red jacket that Michael Jackson wore in the “Beat It”, Jimi Hendrix's “Flying V” guitar and the wedding dress he used Madonna during her clip "Like a Virgin".

In this way, Hard Rock has followed its legacy over the years, in each and every one of the new facilities that it has inaugurated, thus having the construction of the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, one of the best constructions that the chain has had, for its great luxurious and majestic architecture, where the feeling of rock is still intact and where its design carries in its decoration exactly the same dynamics of rock stars.

A dream work, where tourism will be the ideal environment to enjoy the level and comforts that the hotel offers, realizing that in the Caribbean area, for obvious reasons it has been the best hotel built to date, with a great capacity and with an extraordinary and fun atmosphere.

A hotel worthy of the stars, so whoever wants to spend their days there will feel and be treated as a true Hollywood star, it is really appreciable that the Caribbean area has a hotel descended from one of the chains most recognized worldwide, which makes the island has great prestige and with it a high tourist level, conducive to enjoyment and with it for the dynamics of a better commercial and business movement.



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