One of the best hotels, must have one of the best pool areas, so the Hard Rock Punta Cana has spared no expense with respect to the development of a totally luxurious and ostentatious pool area, where the guest Do not feel the desire to be in a place other than there, created for total enjoyment and total satisfaction of different tastes with respect to the time to demand what is necessary for both individual and group enjoyment.

Reason why, the hotel has 13 swimming pools designed according to different environments, which will be presented below so that everyone, at their personal discretion, assess what their ideal pool stay would be.

First of all, we have the pool called “Eden” which has a European style of bath that brings with it a lively vibe, acts to live a very energetic experience, since it is an adult-only pool that offers a musical atmosphere in charge DJ'S live, in addition to having a full bar area, and of course, Balinese beds for a much more exclusive treatment, taking into account that the Balinese bed is a bed designed for outdoor use.

Secondly, we have the pool called “Island members only” where only hotel members can be, enjoying an appreciable musical atmosphere estimated in Latin-style rhythms with global influence, which cover the environment and surroundings of this area.

Third, the central pool, which has a traditional musical atmosphere of Hard Rock sounds and the realization of different activities in this area. Fourth, we find the family pool, which offers quiet music for all ages, slides and activities for children under 16.

Following the list, we find the “Sax” pool that has been created for a meditation environment in total silence, since it has been designed with the aim that guests have a place to appreciate the phrases of a good book. We have the pool "Bongo" is an area that has a quiet environment that offers a personalized food and beverage service, with a musical theme from the 80s.

Then there are, the eclipse pool, sun only members, guitar and drums, moon, slow river, Woodstock.

And a slide, which has been created for children to enjoy to the fullest and young people find the excitement of the adventures they are looking for, since it is exclusive for those guests between the ages of 15 years and under, and likewise, totally independent of the inner age, which means that everyone can enjoy it, big and small.

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